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Our Custom Service 1. Welcome to Honeyoung 2. About Us 3. Tell us your demands, we are keen to satisfy you. 4. Quotations 5. Sampling Confirmation 6. Sign the contract, prepay the earnest 7. Start producing backpacks 8. Quality Control 9. Shipping Arrangement 10. Feedback
How many backpacks does a backpack factory usually produce in a year?
Even though modern automatic machines have helped to do a lot of jobs, backpack factories in China and Vietnam are mainly labor concentrated business, So, the output of backpack factories there are based more on the labor force of them. So, how many backpacks exactly are a backpack factory usually produce in a year? Please let me introduce that to you in the following contents.
How does a backpack factory produce recycled backpacks?
Backpacks are most eco-friendly when it is made from recycled materials or are renewed from recycled bags. Backpacks made from these two ways are called recycled backpacks. The recycled backpack is a great alternative to traditionally manufactured backpacks. Not only because it saves the material waste, but also because it has a quality so high that you just cannot distinguish it from a traditionally manufactured backpack. So, how does a backpack factory produce recycled backpacks exactly? Please let me introduce that to you in the following contents.
Do Chinese backpack factories produce high-quality backpacks?
China is a big country that has countless backpack factories, indeed, a great number of inferior products with only a low quality are produced by many of them. But is that true that most Chinese backpack factories are not capable of producing high-quality backpacks? I guess the answer is quite clear.
You’ll Love It! The Backpack Is So Well Designed
I just couldn’t stop recommending this great laptop backpack. The designer is so thoughtful. On my way to work, I always forget to take my umbrella, because I’m a pretty lazy person. But I don’t want my laptop damaged, so I got this laptop backpack. It’s quite durable, may not be my most fashionable bag, but it’s my favorite laptop back, currently.
Most People Don’t Know the Difference: Why You Need A Laptop Backpack?
When waking up in the morning, do you find difficult to pack your things before going to work? Do you feel difficult to pack your laptop safely? Just like taking a shower in the morning, packing a laptop backpack has become one of my daily routines. Most of us spend lots of money on laptops, but when we are choosing a backpack for them, we often end up buying a very cheap one. I don’t agree with this kind of thought, because a fine laptop backpack means so much for your laptop. Here’s why you need a good laptop backpack for your precious laptop.
How to Choose a Nice Laptop Backpack?
The laptop backpack could be the most difficult equipment to choose. A laptop backpack purchased for yourself will be used to carry items from home every day. It needs to strong, including travel and commuting.
What are the functions of laptop backpack?
Laptop backpack have two main features: to load your daily essentials and to protect your laptop. The backpack usually has two main compartments at least, one for the laptop and the other for working files. Laptop backpacks are used by office workers and college students. It is so practical, the bag can hold and organize your belongings.
Which country tends to have trusted backpack suppliers?
backpack suppliers are countless around the world, countries in South Asia generally have lots of backpack factories due to the low labor cost, but not every school outdoor backpack factory is a trusted backpack supplier, so which country exactly tends to have trusted backpack suppliers? Let me intr
Where can I find a reliable backpack manufacturer?
Don’t know how to find a reliable manufacturer of school backpacks? Only looking at the suppliers in your own country? Don’t know how to find reliable suppliers in other countries? Don’t worry, in this article, I will walk you by steps to help you find a reliable backpack manufacturer. Here is the c
What are the functions of the school backpack?
School backpacks are carried in the simplest frameless form on a cloth bag on the back and secured with two straps on the shoulders. There is an external frame, an internal frame and some waste bags. school backpacks are usually used by officers and students. Because of their limited ability to carr
What are the brands that make a good school backpack?
school backpacks made by professional backpack factories shouldn't just have a good appearance although this is of course a requirement. An ideal school backpack should be designed to fit your body comfortably, have enough storage space, and be strong and durable so that it can be used for several y
How to choose a nice school backpack?
The children’s school backpack could be the hardest item to choose in back-to-school shopping. A backpack purchased for your children will be used to bring in and out items from the school every day. It needs to withstand everyday use, including travel to and from school, lockers in the locker room,
How many types of school backpacks are there?
The different types of school backpacks are just the different genres of music and art. Since the range of backpacks is just too broad, which already makes it hard to choose the exact backpack you want. So, how many types of school backpacks are there exactly? Let me introduce that to you in the con
Suggestions for Parents to Choose School Bags
As parents, we all want our children dress smart and choose what they like for we parents buying school bags for them. However, did you actually choose right? Have you ever thought about your child feelings when they take the bag you choose you them? Did they actually feel good? For this article, I will talk about the structure design of school bags to let you know somethings child would like when they wearing school bags.
How to Choose a Good School Bag
In daily life, no matter who you are, a student or an adult,you need to carry things with you, and the container that carries those belongings called school bag. A student would carry his books and stationery with a school bag. An adult may use it to carry water bottle, cellphone or other accessories. As a professional bag manufacturer, Honeyoung is here to discuss some tips to choose a fine school bag.
What material is the promotional bag made of?
After investigation, most of the purchasers of waterproof promotional bag are young people and parents of children who pursue fashion and practicality. Therefore, if a wear resistant promotional bag wants to win the market, it must first win their trust and praise. And our company is down-to-earth, starting from every kind of large capacity promotional bag material, and striving to do our best.
What are the precautions when designing a promotional carrier bag?
The use of waterproof promotional bag is one of the important strategies for modern commercial marketing of products, and smart manufacturers use wear resistant promotional bag for silent promotions. They use the it as the carrier, as the goods come into the consumer's home. Promotional large capacity carrier bag can save the cost of advertising for manufacturers and fully meet the publicity needs of various industries.
What new experience can promotional bag bring you?
Among our many best-selling promotional bags, the best-selling is actually school promotional backpack. The school large capacity promotional bag is an important partner in the growth process of children. Needless to say, the importance of which to students, parents always want to give their children the best ones. So, what new experience can the waterproof promotional bag bring to children?
The How And Why Of Building Company Image: Advantages of Promotional Bag
When it comes to advertising and promotion, people often talk about company brand and the advertising itself. The essence of promotion is to catch people’s eye. A promotional bag is not like a flyer, it can preserve for a long time instead of being tossed away. Promotional bag is more useful than a vacuum cup, and it can be printed much wider pattern on it. Larger pattern means better fame, the promotional bag has overwhelming advantages over its like products. ​
10 best kids backpack in 2020
With the continuous improvement of living and consumption level, children's various teaching and extracurricular activities are quite rich. They require children backpack not only to be strengthened in practicality, but also in decoration. In order to meet the needs of children, PU children backpack manufacturers continue to make innovations. We recommend the ten most popular kids bag styles in 2020, which will bring more children a happy, safe and healthy childhood.
LOGO design symbolized the intangible assets of an enterprises, It is the media of the transmission for enterprise comprehensive information . In the process of enterprise and brand image transmission, is the most widely used, the highest frequency heard, but also the most critical element. And how to add your logo on your products ? for examples how to put your logo on your bag ? today, the bag manufacturer Anhui Honeyoung will introduction you some detailed knowledge about this.
Those Things About Business Computer Bag
​There are so many things we should take consideration on business computer bag: Capacity, shock absorption, and occasions. Many of us didn’t choose a proper bag for their laptops, or one that could easily carry charger and other accessories. The basic functions of a business computer bag is to protect our laptop. It should has extra space for keyboard&mouse, other computer accessories and business document. A business computer bag is indispensable in workplace. It can protect the laptop and carry it conveniently. Besides, it can be used as a briefcase at the same time. Thus it can be seen that a multiple functional business computer bag in good quality is a workplace necessity. So, how to choose a fine business computer bag?
How to clean your backpack properly?
Even if you take care and pay 100% high attention to keep your beloved bag clean and tidy, something bad can happen, Or, you find a long-forgotten piece of food in your bag and it goes bad. This year because of COVID-19, all the world economic suffer different difficulties, it will help us save money and energy if we know some knowledge about how to clean backpacks.
Why We use cooler bag
​Because of the highly contagious infectious of COVID-19 this year, more and more people now choose to take foods themselves when going out for work or some short distance journey. Here Honeyoung team develop some new cooler bags for you to solve these problems.
Suggestions for parents to choose school bags
As a child's parent, we always pay attention to the child's physical and mental health. The schoolbag, as a companion of the child on the academic road, will more or less affect the child's physical and mental health. Children of different ages have different criteria for choosing schoolbags. Next, I will divide it into two parts: material identification and structural design to explain what parents need to pay attention to when choosing schoolbags for their children. For this article, I will mainly concentrated on the material identification to parents to advise their choice for child`s bags. (One exception for the school bag is that some region has the fashion using leather school bags which values more and has much weight, which is not suitable for children from my perspective. So this article only suitable for some bag markets but not all school bag market)
What Type of Bag Is Reusable Shopping Bag
With the development of society, people are paying more and more attention to environmental protection issues. Disposable plastic bags cannot be reused, and the degradation time of plastic bags is long, which will cause harm to the environment.
What Are The Best Features of Multifunction Shopping Bag
As people's awareness of environmental protection increases, more and more people now choose reusable shopping bags. In order to protect the environment and reduce the use of plastic bags, many supermarkets do not provide plastic bags for free.
How Much Weight Should A Child's Bag Weigh
kids backpack is a must-have item for every student to go to school, and kids backpack is also indispensable for children's travel. So it can be said that kids backpack plays an important role in children's lives.
What Is The Best Size for Kids Backpack?
Kids backpack is a necessity for children. You will see children carrying kids backpacks on the street and in school. With the improvement of living standards, more and more parents are beginning to pay attention to the related issues of kids backpack.
How To Pack Your School Bag
Packing for school is easy - the key is not to leave anything you really need behind. While you should be prepared, you don't want to pack extra items that will just crush your color school backpack.
What Material Is A School Bag Made Of
School bag is the same stationery we often use in our daily life. Bags, just like the clothes which have many styles and materials, so what material is a school bag made of?
How To Choose School Bag
In People's Daily life, both students and adults go out will need to bring some essentials, and put these essentials objects often for the fashion school backpack, such as the students go to school need book packaging, adults need to use while going out.
Why Do School Bags Have Straps
School bags is a kind of stationery we often use in our school life. It can help us pack things up and carry them on our shoulders and free our hands.
What Type of School Bag Should I Have
School bags will accompany us throughout our study life, and we need them from kindergarten to university, so it is very important to choose the right one for us. Then what type of school bag should I have?
How to make your journey easier ?
‘TRAVEL LIGHT’ has become a popular life style among the young generation, For the modern life always filled with various pressures, just like a sing goes: we work very hard every day, but still can’t afford mortgage and car payment.” so travelling becomes a basic in our life to release our pressur
Majority of College Students Report Backpack-Related Pain
About 85 percent of American university students report backpack-related pain and discomfort, says a Boston University study.Discomfort was most common in the shoulders, lower back, upper middle back and neck.The findings may point to an emerging trend between pain and discomfort and time spent carr
The happiness sail from Anhui Honeyoung
In the beginning of September, our company have a nice trip to Zhangjiajie. It’s really a very exciting news to some Avatar fans, since we will go to the scene base of film “ Avatar” in Zhangjiajie.We start from Hefei and begin a nice trip by fast train in the morning. All the memb
Annual Meeting Of 2018
At this year's annual meeting
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Dear customers, May i have your attention please?In order to prevent outside hacker, and keep a long-term and stable relationship with our customers, HONEYOUNG GROUP stipulates that all staffs must use our group's email box to contact with customers, and are prohibited to use any personal email addr
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