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How to make your journey easier ?

‘TRAVEL LIGHT’ has become a popular life style among the young generation, For the modern life always filled with various pressures, just like a sing goes: we work very hard every day, but still can’t afford mortgage and car payment.” so travelling becomes a basic in our life to release our pressur

09/ 24 / 2020
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10 best kids backpack in 2020

With the continuous improvement of living and consumption level, children's various teaching and extracurricular activities are quite rich. They require children backpack not only to be strengthened in practicality, but also in decoration. In order to meet the needs of children, PU children backpack manufacturers continue to make innovations. We recommend the ten most popular kids bag styles in 2020, which will bring more children a happy, safe and healthy childhood.

01/ 22 / 2021
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LOGO design symbolized the intangible assets of an enterprises, It is the media of the transmission for enterprise comprehensive information . In the process of enterprise and brand image transmission, is the most widely used, the highest frequency heard, but also the most critical element. And how to add your logo on your products ? for examples how to put your logo on your bag ? today, the bag manufacturer Anhui Honeyoung will introduction you some detailed knowledge about this.

01/ 20 / 2021
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Those Things About Business Computer Bag

​There are so many things we should take consideration on business computer bag: Capacity, shock absorption, and occasions. Many of us didn’t choose a proper bag for their laptops, or one that could easily carry charger and other accessories. The basic functions of a business computer bag is to protect our laptop. It should has extra space for keyboard&mouse, other computer accessories and business document. A business computer bag is indispensable in workplace. It can protect the laptop and carry it conveniently. Besides, it can be used as a briefcase at the same time. Thus it can be seen that a multiple functional business computer bag in good quality is a workplace necessity. So, how to choose a fine business computer bag?

01/ 20 / 2021
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