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You’ll Love It! The Backpack Is So Well Designed

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Youll Love It! The Backpack Is So Well Designed

I just couldn’t stop recommending this great laptop backpack. The designer is so thoughtful.

On my way to work, I always forget to take my umbrella, because I’m a pretty lazy person. But I don’t want my laptop damaged, so I got this laptop backpack. It’s quite durable, may not be my most fashionable bag, but it’s my favorite laptop back, currently.


Here’s the picture:

Customized Laptop Backpack


It’s ordinary, judging by the look of it. But the interior is amazing. The cyan lining is eye-catching. And the inner pockets are abundant, pockets for pens, glasses case, cards, keys, phones, laptop and even iPad. Everything I carried to work has its own place in the laptop backpack. Just throw my things in those cute little pockets, and go to work. Among those inner pockets, some are zippered pockets, some are mesh pockets, so considerate. I put my cards and keys in the mesh pockets, so I can find it quickly when I need it. I put my iPad charger and cable in the zippered pocket, so I don’t see the messy wires.


The opening of the laptop backpack is more than wide, it can be fully unfold. This is so convenient for me when I want to find something tiny in the bag. If I drop a tiny thing in an ordinary backpack, I have to unload everything in the bag to find it. The wide opening, obviously, solved my problem!

I wouldn’t say any other features that other ordinary bag has. But waterproof, more or less, is a common feature. This laptop backpack can resist pouring water, if you are traveling in Thailand, your laptop will definitely survive in the Water-Sprinkling Festival.

 Water Proof Laptop Backpack

Simply put, it’s a creative laptop backpack and the functions can suit nearly all my daily needs. And it’s not very expensive.

View our website to get more information about our factory.

Interested in this product? Here’s the entrance: Customized Water Proof Commuter Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port

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