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Why Do School Bags Have Straps

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School bags is a kind of stationery we often use in our school life. It can help us pack things up and carry them on our shoulders and free our hands. We often see the school bag of the shoulder strap is very wide, in the appearance is not very beautiful, then why the school bag should be made into a very wide shoulder strap?

  • What should I pay attention to when choosing a bag

  • Why we should choose school bags with broad straps

  • Where to buy a suitable fashion school backpack

What should I pay attention to when choosing a bag

When we choose school bags for students, we should follow the following rules.

1. Because most of the children's school bag is very heavy, very easy to blood flow is blocked, in turn, cause muscle injury, especially in the shoulder, so generally suggested straps should be broad, is beneficial to lessen the pressure bag on the shoulder, and the weight of the bag can be distributed evenly, and equipped with padded shoulder straps can alleviate the strain caused by bag of trapezius muscle.

2. In addition to a wide shoulder strap, it is a good idea to have a belt and a chest strap. Bag there is usually no belt and chest before, only have some backpack type, but actually increased the role of the two bands is very big, use belt and closer to the back, chest can make bag to bag weight evenly on lumbar bone and pelvis, and the bag can be fixed on the back, to prevent the bag swing, reduce the spine and shoulder the pressure.

3. The material of children's color school backpacks should be light. As children have to carry a large number of books and items back to school every day, they should choose light materials as much as possible to avoid the increase of children's load. It is generally recommended that children's books contain no more than 15% of their body weight. Choose and buy a school bag, but also smell of the color school backpacks, if there is a pungent smell, then it is likely that the formaldehyde content of the schoolbag exceeds the standard, will cause a greater threat to children's health.

 Outdoor Mixed Color School Bag

Why we should choose school bags with broad straps

If the straps of the school bag are narrow, the weight of the bag will hurt the shoulders for a long time. Therefore, the straps should be wide to reduce the pressure on the shoulders and evenly distribute the weight of the school bag. And the shoulder strap of school bag with soft cushion can reduce the pressure caused by school bag to trapezius muscle, if the shoulder strap is too hard, trapezius muscle will feel fatigue more easily.

Where to buy a suitable fashion school backpack

There are many places where school bags can be purchased, both online and offline, and there are many styles and colors. However, merchants may pay little attention to the comfort of school bags for the sake of their aesthetics, and carrying uncomfortable school backpacks for a long time may lead to children's hunchback and waist problems. However, if you choose Honeyoung school bag, there will be no such problems. From the perspective of customers, Honeyoung will devote itself to making comfortable and color school backpacks. When you choose fashion school backpacks, you can choose the styles and colors you like as much as you like without worrying about any quality problems, which will save you a lot of time.


To sum up, we should try our best to choose shoulder bandwidth when choosing school bags, so as to better protect our students’ shoulders.

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