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What new experience can promotional bag bring you?

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Among our many best-selling promotional bags, the best-selling is actually school promotional backpack. The school large capacity promotional bag is an important partner in the growth process of children. Needless to say, the importance of which to students, parents always want to give their children the best ones. So, what new experience can the waterproof promotional bag bring to children?


Here is the content list:

  • What special design does school promotional backpack go through?

  • What are advantages of school promotional backpack over trolley ones?

  • What are features of school promotional backpack beneficial to children?


What special design does school promotional backpack go through?

We tailor-made school promotional backpack for children, designed by many designers according to children's nature. All school promotional backpacks use environmentally friendly materials, which will not cause harm to children, so parents can rest assured.

The school promotional backpack has animal pattern, 3D three-dimensional design and logo support customization. The shape is interesting and light in weight, which makes it light and comfortable for children to carry.

Because we believe that a good children's school backpack should be the child's back without feeling tired. What we advocate is to use ergonomics to design school promotional backpack to protect the spine. Therefore, our large capacity promotional bag is both fashionable and up to standard.


What are advantages of school promotional backpack over trolley ones?

Many parents have heard about the propaganda of the trolley box business, and think that their children’s school promotional backpack will affect their health, so they choose the trolley-style schoolbag.

In fact, although the trolley schoolbag can reduce the burden on children's shoulders, it is not convenient for children to drag the trolley schoolbag up and down the stairs. Especially when the trolley bag is larger and heavier, it is prone to crowding or accidents.

The trolley case is larger and heavier. It cannot be put into the desk like a school promotional backpack. It will squeeze the limited contribution of the classroom and cause accidents when students play after class.

In addition, the health issues that parents are most concerned about. The child is in the growth and development stage. Long-term pulling the schoolbag with one hand will cause uneven stress on the spine, which may cause spine bending such as hunchback and collapsed waist, and it is also easy to sprain the wrist.

Therefore, rather than a trolley case, we recommend that parents choose a school promotional backpack with a scientific design.


What are features of school promotional backpack beneficial to children?

It's the beginning of a new school year. The children will start a new learning journey with school promotional backpack. After a long period of silence, the campus will return to its noisy normal state.

Sooner or later, hordes of children carrying school bags will begin to be seen on the urban roads. According to our design philosophy and comprehensive user feedback, we can see that school promotional backpack has the following advantages in general.

  • Healthy

The school promotional backpack, with its design that conforms to the physiological structure of the human body, solves the burden of the traditional heavy schoolbag on the small body of the child, and brings convenience and health to the child.

  • Personalized

The school promotional backpack supports customization of patterns and personal logos. It can be used as an ordinary schoolbag, as well as a fashionable backpack and travel bag. Not only children love school promotional backpack, many adults also love it.

  • High quality

Few parents do not consider quality when buying school bags. The quality of the school promotional backpack is very good, not only with waterproof function, but also not easy to deform, very strong and durable, and the service life can last many years.

  • Adjustable

In addition, its adjustable design makes the school promotional backpack widely applicable to children of all grades. In other words, as long as you buy this schoolbag, you don't have to worry about it being unable to keep up with your child's growth rate in the short term.


In summary, we can know that the school promotional backpack not only has a fashion beyond traditional schoolbags, but also has an unparalleled safety design for the trolley case. Anhui Honeyoung Travelling Products Co,.Ltd produces cost-effective large capacity promotional bag, taking all aspects of your child into consideration. We welcome you to send patterns and logos for customization, and we will send you samples of wear resistant promotional bag.

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