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What material is the promotional bag made of?

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After investigation, most of the purchasers of waterproof promotional bag are young people and parents of children who pursue fashion and practicality. Therefore, if a wear resistant promotional bag wants to win the market, it must first win their trust and praise. And our company is down-to-earth, starting from every kind of large capacity promotional bag material, and striving to do our best.


Here is the content list:

  • What materials are promotional bags made of?

  • What are the characteristics of promotional bag materials?

  • Does promotional bag have the function of attracting consumers?

  • How to improve the ability of promotional bags to promote purchases?


What materials are promotional bags made of?

In the past, a promotional bag refers to a bag made of cloth, leather, which can be used by users to carry textbooks, stationery and other supplies. According to changes in consumer tastes, promotional bag materials are more diverse.

As the large capacity promotional bag consumers are the golden generation that embraces rapid economic growth and have a huge influence on social media, their pursuit of health and safety has reached new heights.

This requires that the design of the promotional bag conforms to the principles of human health, the material is safe and non-toxic, and it must have novel features.

Composite promotional bags made of leather, PVC, PU, canvas, cotton and linen lead the fashion trend. At the same time, in the era of increasing individuality, various styles such as simplicity, retro, cartoon also cater to the needs of fashionable people to promote individuality from different aspects.


What are the characteristics of promotional bag materials?

With the development of the economy, the concept of health and green has penetrated all aspects of our lives, affecting our lifestyle choices. As the continuous improvement of consumer awareness, the choice of promotional bag raw materials has also been continuously improved.

Now, the materials made of promotional bag not only have the characteristics of other ordinary packaging materials, such as decoration and protection, but also have environmental protection features that ordinary packaging materials do not have.

1.       The raw material of the promotional bag itself does not contain chemical elements or bacteria harmful to humans;

2.       The promotional bag raw materials have diversified sources, low cost, high cost-performance and low energy consumption in the production process;

3.       During the production and processing of the promotional bag, zero discharge of hazardous waste can be achieved without causing pollution to the environment;

4.       The raw materials of promotional bag can be recycled many times;

5.       After the service life of the promotional bag is over, it can be degraded naturally or take special measures for pollution-free treatment.


Does promotional bag have the function of attracting consumers?

After fully considering the material design of the promotional bag, the manufacturer will begin to consider how to design its appearance. The appearance design of promotional bags is based on product attributes, shapes and circulation trends, through planning and creativity, combining art and technology, creating unique product image through visual elements such as graphics and colors.

Nowadays, shopping in large stores has become an indispensable part of people's lives. However, for a store, it is impossible to sell well every day, 365 days a year.

Therefore, in the off-season of fast-moving consumer goods sales, the promotional bag that attracts consumers' attention has become a necessary means of promotion.

Especially when there is little difference in fast-moving consumer goods, only by doing the most prominent "show" on the display racks or shelves together with special promotional bags in order to win the best-selling.


How to improve the ability of promotional bags to promote purchases?

At the same time, people's psychological activities are extremely delicate and elusive. People often buy goods based on their own impressions.

A psychological test of the appearance of a promotional bag on consumers shows that beauty and ugliness, elegance and vulgarity, attention and rejection, these psychological emotions are not only different from men and women, but also because of the preferences of countries, regions and individuals.

Therefore, as a manufacturer of promotional bags, one must understand the form factors of market research and design and analyze various psychology of consumers.

Only in this way can we accurately explore the laws of promotional bag design and consumer psychological activities, thereby improving the effect of promotional bags and prompting consumers to purchase goods.


Anhui Honeyoung Travelling Products Co,. Ltd is committed to creating a safe and environmentally friendly promotional bag suitable for consumers of multiple ages, and spends a lot of cost in research and development of related waterproof promotional bag every year. We use integrity to serve every wear resistant promotional bag customer enthusiastically and sincerely.

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