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What are the precautions when designing a promotional carrier bag?

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The use of waterproof promotional bag is one of the important strategies for modern commercial marketing of products, and smart manufacturers use wear resistant promotional bag for silent promotions. They use the it as the carrier, as the goods come into the consumer's home. Promotional large capacity carrier bag can save the cost of advertising for manufacturers and fully meet the publicity needs of various industries.


Here comes the context:

  • What function does promotional carrier bag have?

  • What are the characteristics of a carefully designed promotional carrier bag?

  • What are the precautions when designing a promotional carrier bag?


What function does promotional carrier bag have?

Consumers have their first impression of seeing various commodities in their memories, and they are often moved by packaging. As one of the packaging, the promotional carrier bag is also the basis for product differentiation.

The promotional carrier bags can not only explain the name, quality and trademark of the product, introduce the special effects and uses of the product, but also show the characteristics of the company.

  • Provide information

Consumers can obtain relevant information about the product in a short time through the text, pattern and color on the promotional carrier bag. Therefore, increasing the information capacity appropriately for the target customer can enhance the attractiveness of the product.

  • Stimulate demand

The successfully designed promotional carrier bag combines artistry, knowledge, interest and a sense of the times. The excellent appearance quality of the promotional carrier bag can stimulate the social needs of buyers, making them feel that they have improved their identity while owning the goods, and they are full of joy.

  • Halo effect

It is true that consumers judge the quality of products not only based on the promotional carrier bag, but the halo effect of the promotional carrier bag can transfer the good feelings of consumers to the product, thereby achieving the purpose of promotion.


What are the characteristics of a carefully designed promotional carrier bag?

The proficiency of production technology as well as careful design form responsible and honest manufacturer has greatly reduced the production cost of promotional carrier bags, and a complete production chain has been established in many areas domestic. For this reason, we can provide such a cost-effective product.

The toughness, breathability and abrasion resistance of promotional carrier bags have been further enhanced. There is no doubt that the performance of such manufactured products is quite excellent.

1.       This promotional carrier bag is lighter to use, has better elasticity, is soft and comfortable, has good breathability and waterproofness, is very environmentally friendly, and has relatively low wear.

2.       In winter, promotional carrier bag will not become hard or deformed due to low temperature, and it will not fade and age easily under strong light.

3.       This kind of promotional carrier bag has low cost, so the price will be cheaper, and its appearance and performance are not inferior to natural materials. What’s more, it is very convenient to take care of.

4.       The surface of the promotional carrier bag is very tough and compact, which can be processed and dyed, so the promotional carrier bag is more novel and fashionable.


What are the precautions when designing a promotional carrier bag?

It is not so easy to design a promotional carrier bag with the above advantages. The multi-dimensionality and difference of people's consumer psychology determine that the promotional carrier bag must have multi-dimensional emotional appeals in order to attract specific consumer groups and produce expected purchase behaviors.

The promotional carrier bag is the epitome of the promotional strategy, and the psychological strategy designed by the promotional carrier bag is a very logical promotional idea.

  • Honesty

The design of the promotional carrier bag must be based on honesty. The pattern on the promotional carrier bag is inconsistent with the actual product, the marked place of production does not match the actual place of production, and the slogan that claimed to be harmless but harmful additives are clearly added are all deceiving consumers.

  • Harmony

The promotional carrier bag should start with a harmonious design. The designer must handle the harmony between the promotional carrier bag pattern elements.

The promotional carrier bag mainly achieves the promotion function by strengthening the visual design, which requires the colors being eye-catching but not messy, and the graphics being beautiful but not abstract.

  • Creative logo

Adding the artistic style of the logo to the promotional carrier bag can not only add infinite fun to the promotional carrier bag, but the promotional effect it brings to the product is immeasurable.

The consumption concept of modern people has changed from functional value to emotional satisfaction. The witty and ingenious logo design can achieve the emotional resonance of consumers.


Large capacity promotional bag has both practicality and beauty, and is the finishing touch to everyday wear. Anhui Honeyoung Travelling Products Co,.Ltd selects high standard polyester with outstanding textures, which are delicate and flexible to create a three-dimensional and wide outline of wear resistant promotional bag. It supports the customization of patterns and logos, providing more possibilities for wearing. Our large capacity promotional bag can attract consumers at first sight, if you want to buy, you can consult our customer service.

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