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What Type of School Bag Should I Have

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School bags will accompany us throughout our study life, and we need them from kindergarten to university, so it is very important to choose the right one for us. Then what type of school bag should I have?

  • The basic type of school bag

  • How to choose the school bag

The basic type of school bag

1. School backpack

Shoulder color school backpack is a general term for school bags carried on the shoulders. The most obvious feature of this kind of school bag is that there are two straps on the back to buckle on the shoulders, which are generally widely used in kindergartens and primary schools. According to the different materials will be divided into canvas bags, Oxford cloth bags, nylon cloth bags. The main advantages of backpacks are that they are easy to carry, free your hands and provide convenience for going out.

fashion school backpack

(Fashion School Backpack)

2. Single Shoulder School Backpack

Single shoulder multi pocket school backpack, as the name suggests, refers to a single shoulder fashion school backpack, and shoulder color school backpack and cross-body bag. Single shoulder school bag is generally small in capacity and easy to carry. Not only used at school, but also when shopping, so the one-shouldered school bag has slowly become a fashion item. Single-shoulder school bags are mainly consumed by young people, especially middle school students and college students. However, one shoulder school bag should pay attention to the burden of one shoulder, so as to avoid uneven pressure on the left and right shoulders, which will affect health.

single shoulder school backpack

(Single School Backpack)

3. Electronic schoolbag

Electronic schoolbag is a derivative of the concept of schoolbag. In the early days, it generally referred to some novels and literature reading as a service function for members. This function means that when consumers read a literary work, the work will automatically enter the bag. Can be re-read by consumers, thereby avoiding the unnecessary cost of reading on the site. Electronic schoolbag this function application, meaning is also more and more wide, in many industries, many websites have applications.

How to choose the school bag

1. Tailored and Bought.

Pay attention to whether the size of the school bag is suitable for the child's height. Choose the smallest mini student school bag that can hold your child's books and stationery. Generally speaking, the school bag should not be wider than the child's body, back on the body, the bottom of the school bag should not be lower than the child's waist 10 cm. When carrying the bag, the top of the bag should not be higher than the child's head, the belt position should be between the waist 2-3 inches. The bottom of the color school backpack is level with the lower back, and the color school backpack is in the middle of the back, not on the butt.

2. Focus on Design.

Parents should not ignore the reasonableness of the interior design when buying a school bag for their children. The inner space of the school bag is designed reasonably, which can put all kinds of books, stationery and daily articles for children in different categories. It can cultivate children's ability of storage and arrangement from childhood, so that children can form good habits.

3. Material Should Be Light.

It is easy to explain that the material of children's school bags should be light. Since students have to carry a large number of books and articles back to school, in order to avoid the increase of students' load, the school bags should choose light materials as far as possible.

4. Carry a Belt.

Children's mini student school bags should be equipped with belts, which were rarely available in the past. The belt can be used to bring the bag closer to the back and evenly distribute the weight of the school bag over the lumbar and disc bones. The belt also holds the bag at the waist, preventing it from wobbling and reducing pressure on the spine and shoulders.

5. Fashionable and Beautiful

Parents should buy school bags that conform to their children's aesthetic tastes.

We can choose a suitable school bag according to our own preferences and comfort level.

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