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What Material Is A School Bag Made Of

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School bag is the same stationery we often use in our daily life. Bags, just like the clothes which have many styles and materials, so what material is a school bag made of?

  • What material is a school bag made of

  • The characteristics of different materials

  • How to choose the school backpack with different materials that suits yourself

What material is a school bag made of

There are many kinds of materials for school bags, for example canvas bag, oxford fabric bag, nylon fabric bag, EVA bag, PVC rubber bag and TETORON bag.

The characteristics of different materials

1. canvas school bag

Canvas school bags are durable, simple, practical and environmentally friendly. They can be worn with any outfit. But because canvas is made of pure cotton, it is relatively resistant to dirt and is not waterproof.

One of the most attractive features of canvas student school backpacks is its customization function. Many shops of canvas schoolbags can oem school backpacks, and Honeyoung is no exception. You can have your own oem school backpacks according to your preferences.

oem school backpacks

2. oxford fabric school backpack

(1) Convenient. The structural features of Oxford fabric school backpack are diversified in shape, which can meet the flexible access of various small objects that need to be used frequently when going out.

(2) Abrasion resistance, fall resistance and pressure resistance. Oxford fabric school bag because of the strong and tenacity of Oxford cloth itself, the requirement of the environment is low.

(3) The incident. Oxford fabric is compact and strong, which can easily cope with casual collision and friction when going out.

(4) And durable. Oxford fabric can retain its original appearance after frequent and long-term use.

(5) Waterproof. The Oxford fabric bag is waterproof because it has a layer of PVC material.

3. nylon fabric student school backpack

It has good waterproof and windproof performance, high wear resistance, good strength and elasticity. But it burns very easily.

4. EVA bag

It has good flexibility and rubber-like elasticity, good transparency and surface gloss, good resistance to aging and ozone, non - toxic.

5. PVC rubber bag

(1) The PVC rubber bags are colorful, It can meet the needs of all kinds of people.

(2) PVC bags will have more glossiness, transparent, high and fadeless.

(3) PVC bags are light and durable, waterproof and easy to clean.

6. TETORON bag 

(1) Tetoron fabric bag has high strength, great toughness, strong pressure bearing capacity, strong fabric, and long service life.

(2) Tetoron fabric bag is soft in color and feels smooth and soft.

(3) Tetoron fabric bag has good heat and sun protection performance, strong breaking resistance and excellent wear resistance.

How to choose the school backpack with different materials that suits yourself

1. Children

Children's bodies are delicate and their bones are in the growth stage, so more attention should be paid to the choice of mini student school bags for children. Although canvas mini student school bag are simple and environmentally friendly and cheap, they are easily deformed and have small load bearing, which is not conducive to the protection of children's bodies. For the sake of children's health, we should try our best to choose Oxford fabric and nylon fabric when choosing schoolbag materials for our children.

Many schools now require students to use school bag with logo. Therefore, it is necessary to make a good investigation in advance when choosing student school backpacks for children to see whether the school requires the use of school bag with logo. If so, Honeyoung can also provide school bag with logo for you.

2. Women in daily life

When choosing a fashion school backpack, many women are not interested in is it useful, but its beauty. Therefore, women are more likely to choose a PVC rubber bag and canvas bag.

Now the two tone school bag is also very popular and may become the choice of many women. Two tone school bag refers to a school bag that USES two colors for stitching and matching. The collision of different colors will create a novel look and feel, which will elevate the whole school bag to a higher level.

3. Men in daily life

Men may pay attention to its practicality when choosing a oem school backpack, so they may be choosing a EVA bag and oxford fabric bag.

4. Travel

When we travel, we often pack a lot of things in the outdoor school bag, so we need a large capacity of the outdoor school bag. And there will be a lot of bumps in the road, so the outdoor school bag needs to be wearable. So when we travel we should choose the oxford fabric bag.


School bags made of different materials have their own characteristics. You can choose any material you want in Honeyoung.

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