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Those Things About Business Computer Bag

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There are so many things we should take consideration on business computer bag: Capacity, shock absorption, and occasions.

Many of us didn’t choose a proper bag for their laptops, or one that could easily carry charger and  other accessories.

The basic functions of a business computer bag is to protect our laptop. It should has extra space for keyboard&mouse, other computer accessories and business document.

A business computer bag is indispensable in workplace.

It can protect the laptop and carry it conveniently. Besides, it can be used as a briefcase at the same time.

Thus it can be seen that a multiple functional business computer bag in good quality is a workplace necessity.

So, how to choose a fine business computer bag?


Anhui Honeyoung Enterprise Co.,Ltd is a Chinese supplier mainly produced backpack, high quality computer bag, ice bag, children bag, etc. Honeyoung has designed and produced over hundreds kinds bags, the gross export value reached 8 million USD. As a professional bag manufacturer, Honeyoung would like to share some tips about computer bag selection.

1. Why We Choose Business Computer Bag?

2. Choosing Proper Functions of a Business Computer Bag is the Most Important Part

3. Details Can Define the Quality of Business Computer Bag

4. Firm Parts Makes Business Computer Bag a Success

5. Fine Fabrics for Business Computer Bag



1. Why We Choose Business Computer Bag?

Many people think that business computer bag is unnecessary, they believe that laptops only need to carry by any kinds of bags. But it’s not true, the advantages of laptop is small bulk, low weight and portable. So, it becomes a businessman’s Jarvis in mobile officing.

They commute or be on a business trip with laptop,thus renders a series of problems: what if we damaged the computer? On this occasion, things will be different if having a professional business computer bag, it can save your laptop from being damaged. Additionally, a fine and chic business computer bag can helps to emit your unique personal charisma and business temperament.


2. Choosing Proper Functions of a Business Computer Bag is the Most Important Part

Functions: business computer bag has a laptop inter layer and document inter layers. Computer bag prefer to protect laptops, while briefcase prefer the classification and storage of documents and other business accessories. But a brilliant business computer bag should has it both ways.


3. Details Can Define the Quality of Business Computer Bag

The inner sector, such as document layer, computer layer and piped pocket, these would left the bag a 20% extra space. More bag layers make the most of space, so the bag can be small but load more.

Details can be crucial while choosing business computer bag, the pockets and layers are well designed or not. Only by getting these details can we find a good business computer bag.

Business computer bag made by Honeyoung can be customized according to clients’ requirement.


4. Firm Parts Makes Business Computer Bag a Success

Criteria: joint of lifting handle, straps hook buckle, commissure and bottom of the bag. While purchasing, we should pay attention to the intensity of the above parts, the linkage should be reinforced by rivets or muff-couplings. The bottom of the bag should be made of high quality Nylon wire and covered its edges with Nylon ribbon.

The shoulder girdle should use wider, thicker and softer component.


5. Fine Fabrics For Business Computer Bag

The most popular material in business computer bag production is Nylon: wear resisting, firmness and water proofing are its features. But the defects are obvious: airtight,soft (easy to lose shape after long time use).

Leather bag is ventilative, it is suitable for workplace and other formal occasions. Making men more earnest and mature.


Honeyoung exports all kinds of business bag, of all the business bags, the business computer bag ranks the third in export quotient of Honeyoung. Needless to say, business computer bag has become a favorite among businessmen.


After getting these tips, we can surely find our decent and practical bag. In case you need more information about bags, contact Honeyoung, we will provide more professional information for you to design exclusive business computer bag !

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