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Outdoor Bag/Ruckpack

Excellent outdoor bag with large capacity, waterproof, wear - resistant, reflective strip and other characteristics.When illuminated at night, the reflective strips emit bright light, which makes it safer for backpackers to walk on the road at night and avoid being hit by moving cars.

Especially outdoors travel, rafting, camping, cycling, surfing, stray, tread water, exploration and other activities, you will take all kinds of equipment. Cell phones, charging treasure, camera, device, the compass, medicine, food, clothes, wallet... These equipment need you to have a good outdoor backpack to loading, to protect.

How To Keep Ruckpack Clean

Backpack always infected with dirt, dust, sweat after use, suggested using dry soft brush to remove dust bag the outer, instead of directly wipe with wet cloth try easy to stain on the fabric surface. Reoccupy clear water flushing, if there is oil had better use neutral detergent. If it doesn't judge solution properties, can use bath or shampoo instead of (these are generally neutral partial acid). Rinse and air dry in the shade, don't take it to the sun "insolate, uv cause fiber hardening embrittlement. Wading or long days after stroke, for about 30 minutes, or with plenty of water, so as to avoid water of organic matter, small creatures, or rotten leaves card in the bearing system, cause mould or a breeding ground for bacteria. The not completely dry, backpack surface waterproof coating damage, is to use professional best spilt water spraying prevention maintenance, spraying the professional outdoor waterproofing agent, your rucksack water resistant and can be as good as new!

Outdoor bag/Rucksack

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