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How to clean your backpack properly?

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Even if you take care and pay 100% high attention to keep your beloved bag clean and tidy, something bad can happen, Or, you find a long-forgotten piece of food in your bag and it goes bad. This year because of COVID-19, all the world economic suffer different difficulties, it will help us save money and energy if we know some knowledge about how to clean backpacks

And here, Anhui Honeyoung Enterprise will let you know how to clean your beloved backpack. 

1.Water resist material backpack

2.Backpack of Polyester or nylon material without water resisting layers.

3.After washing, how to dry the backpack property ?

How to clean your backpack (2)

1.Water resist material backpack

Water resisting material, the mostly widely used water resisting material in backpack are PU, PVC, Polyester and nylon with water resisting layers.  Normally speaking, we don’t suggest you clean your water resist material bag by washing machine. For the water resisting material has kind of special water resist layer and if you put it in washing machine the water can’t cross through the fabric of the bag, the water just cross by very facially and can’t take away the dirty marks. However you can wipe the backpack with warm water about 40°C or for some small oil dirty marks you can wipe with some low concentration alcohol.


And for some large area of stains, Be sure to avoid using fluorine or alcohol based cleaners, Anhui Honeyoung teams longtime experience tell you that water resist layers  is made of waterproof material. The fluorine or alcohol in the detergent will dissolve the water-based polyurethane coating, making the bag no longer waterproof. It may even form a sticky film on the top of the bag, making it more prone to smudging.


2.Backpack of Polyester or nylon material without water resisting layers.

For these kind of bags, you can wash by hands better not machine. Here following the right washing steps:

1.Soak the bag in water before cleaning, the water temperature is below 30 degrees, soaking time within 10 minutes is appropriate, can make the water deep into the fiber, first remove water-soluble dirt, so that the bag can reduce the amount of lotion when cleaning, to achieve better washing effect.

2. When cleaning, do not use detergent containing bleach, fluorescent agent, phosphorus, easy to damage cotton fiber.

3. Do not wring the bag after cleaning it by hand, because it is easy to deform. Do not brush it directly with a brush. Because ultraviolet light is easy to cause discoloration, use natural drying method, do not dry with machine.

3.After washing, how to dry the backpack property ?

 Honeyoung team remark: Don’t fold the promotional backpack when you dry it, try to keep it’s original shape and don’t put the backpack directly under the sun, so as not affect the using of backpack.

How to clean your backpack




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