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How To Pack Your School Bag

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Packing for school is easy - the key is not to leave anything you really need behind. While you should be prepared, you don't want to pack extra items that will just crush your color school backpack. If you follow a few simple steps, Coupled with the promotional school backpack that Honeyoung is promoting cheap but with a large space capacity, you'll have everything you need in place and ready to go to school each day.

  • Basic items to keep in your promotional school backpack

  • Personal belongings to put in your school backpack

Basic items to keep in your promotional school backpack

1. Pack all the books and binders you need to take to school first. Packing these heavy items first will prevent them from squeezing any light items. Place all books and binders in the backpack vertically on the backrest, or horizontally if any other type of bag is available. If you don't need some kind of book or binder, you can keep it at home or at school and store it in a locker. You may need to wrap the books or binders in the order you need them for the day to make sure you haven't forgotten anything. In order for students to put these heavy objects in their school bags more easily, they can choose the lightweight and large schoolbags in our promotional schoolbags to reduce the weight of the schoolbags and make students more relaxed.

2. Next add your plans, notebooks, folders, and assignments. If you have loose pieces of paper (such as homework or notes), it is best to store them in binders or folders to prevent them from wrinkling or tearing. Also include your plan so that you can comment on or adjust it throughout the day. Stack these items next to your books and be sure to distribute the weight evenly throughout your school backpack or bag.

3. Include writing tools and other supplies you may need. It's best to pack pencils, erasers, pens, highlighters, and sticky notes to school. You may also need a calculator, protractor, ruler, pencil sharpener, and mini stapler. Depending on your age and class, you can also include tape, glue, crayons, colored pencils and markers. To keep these supplies organized, consider putting them in a pencil case or other container. These necessary learning tools are small items, which will be squeezed directly in the big bag of the school bag and are not easy to find. So when students have a lot of small things, they can choose the multi-pocket schoolbags in our promotional school backpacks. These small things can be sorted and packed, which is convenient to find and avoids squeezing by other heavy objects.

4. Add programs for electives or extracurricular activities. Depending on your schedule, you may need a sports suit or tracksuit or other equipment (such as soccer shoes or soccer shoes). If appropriate, you can store these items in a backpack so you don't have to carry two tone school bags. If you ride a bike, skateboard or scooter to school, you may also need a helmet. Although your bag is unlikely to be full of Musical Instruments, keep it near your bag so you don't forget it!

5. If you don't buy lunch at school, pack your lunch. Add some snacks and a bottle of water. If you bring your lunch to school, you can also store it in your fashion school backpack. It's best to keep food in separate lunch boxes or bags to keep it from spoiling. If you're hungry, you might also want to add a snack, such as granola bars or thinly sliced vegetables. It's also a good idea to include a reusable kettle to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

Personal belongings to put in your school backpack

1. Including your wallet, phone and keys. Items such as wallets, phones and keys should be placed in small pockets to help organize items. Install glasses and their case (if any). If the school allows these items, you may also want to include mp3 players and headphones. Also pack all the relevant charging cables. Comply with all rules on school electronic products; Please keep them in a quiet or quiet place during class and keep them in your bag or locker. Remember, it's not a good idea to bring a lot of cash to school. However, you may need a small amount of lunch and AN ID card, especially if you have a driving license or permit.

2. Fill a small bag with any health and beauty products you may need. It's best to include a small zipper bag with these items so you have everything you need throughout the day. You may need to pack regular supplies such as tampons or sanitary napkins, personal wipes, and even spare underwear. Include beauty products such as deodorant, dental floss, mints, paper towels, and hand sanitizer. Add makeup, lip balm, combs, hairpins and elastic, perfumes, lotions and contact lens solutions (if applicable) if needed. There are already a lot of things in the school bag, so where can we put our personal belongings? Maybe you can take a look at our latest promotional schoolbag. You can buy two schoolbags at a very cheap price at the same time, one larger and one smaller, the larger one for school supplies, and the smaller one for personal use. Items so that you can easily pack all the items you need at school.


Students often stay in school all day, so there are a lot of things to pack in their school bags. And Honeyoung’s promotional school backpack is not only cheap and large in capacity, but also has fashion school backpack which with logo. The technology used in Honeyoung’s production of logos is silk screen printing. What affects the cost of silk screen printing is the area of the logo and the cost of colors, so the logo for general customers In order to make the promotional bag with logo cheaper, most of them are in monochrome. But the monochrome silkscreen promotional bag with logo is also very exquisite. It is not only practical and beautiful when matched with our promotional school backpack, it is suitable for students who are in school but love beauty.

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