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How To Choose School Bag

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In People's Daily life, both students and adults go out will need to bring some essentials, and put these essentials objects often for the fashion school backpack, such as the students go to school need book packaging, adults need to use while going out bag, water, clothes and mobile phones to ease of use, so the bag became one indispensable exist in life, let's look at how to choose and buy a school bag.

  • How to choose school backpack for adults

  • How to choose school bag for children

How to choose school backpack for adults

1. First of all, when choosing a fashion school backpack, we should pay attention to the effect of carrying it on our body, such as whether it is breathable and comfortable, whether it is resistant to pressure and earthquake, the thickness of the shoulder strap and composed of several layers of stuffing, so as to ensure the comfort of our shoulders when carrying the school backpack.

2. Second, we should pay attention to the storage effect and the layered effect of the multi pocket school backpack. When we choose a school bag, we should think about what it will be used for in the future. If we want to put some small things, such as keys, pens, etc., we can choose a mini student school bag with a smaller capacity, which will make it easier for us to carry the school bag. If the bag is used to pack books, laptops and other large things, you need to choose a larger capacity of the multi pocket school backpack to ensure our use.

3. Also, the outside of the outdoor school bag can be designed with pockets to hold frequently used items.

4. When choosing a bag, pay attention to the details of the bag, such as whether the zipper of the bag is good or not, whether the workmanship is strong.

5. There are also material details of school bags. Especially oem school backpack, should pay attention to the choice of material more. For example, the school bags with cotton shoulder straps can make us more comfortable. High-quality plastic buckles not only guarantee the quality of school bags, but also facilitate the adjustment of the length of school bags shoulder straps for easy use.

two tone school bag

6. According to their economic strength to choose the package. The material of some schoolbags is better, so its price will be higher, some people may not be able to afford the fashion school backpack, so to choose a schoolbag within the scope of their own economic strength.

7. Consider the weather, and if it rains a lot in your city, consider the water resistance of your bag when you buy it.

8. Finally, the bag style color variety, the bag to choose and buy according to the style of personal preferences and personal preferences for color to choose and buy. If the bag you want is not on the market, you can choose to oem school backpack.

How to choose school bag for children

1. Under the condition of comfortable arm and shoulder, shoulder width is better than narrow.

2. Equipped with belts for average weight distribution;

3. Built-in ridge protection design.

4. Materials used in color school backpacks must be safe, odor-free and wear resistant.

5. The weight of the bag shall not exceed 1Kg, and the total weight after loading the books shall not exceed 15% of the child's weight. It should be noted that the weight of the bag should not be too light, or stability will be affected. Choose the right weight bag to better protect your child's back muscles and spine.

6. Nowadays, there are many hidden dangers on the road. The design of reflective stickers can better guarantee the safety of children on the road. If the child is in a rainy city, then the waterproof bag is also very important.

7. If the child is too young, choose a school bag with logo, such as writing the child's name or other patterns on it. The school bag with logo is not only convenient for children to find their own schoolbag but also can make the schoolbag more beautiful.

Different people suit different school backpack. So we should choose school bags according to everyone's characteristics.

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