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LOGO design symbolized the intangible assets of an enterprises, It is the media of the transmission for enterprise comprehensive information . In the process of enterprise and brand image transmission, is the most widely used, the highest frequency heard, but also the most critical element.

And how to add your logo on your products ? for examples how to put your logo on your bag ? today, the bag manufacturer  Anhui Honeyoung will introduction you some detailed knowledge about this.

1, Silk Screen printing refers to the use of screen as a plate base, and through the photosensitive plate making method, made with graphic screen printing plate.

Silk Screen printing

This kind of printing suitable for small area design logo, or some 1-3C color logo, such as some logo which design structure as “words+figures”, “words+graphic design”, and so on which always the customers just need print in one or two confined area.


The advantage of silk printing is the pictures printed over the surface of the fabric seems very vivid and have strong three-dimensional effect, all the colors have their special layers. But the disadvantage also obvious, the cost also higher than other crafts of printing. Some Disney series backpack and pencil case always use this kind of printing and attract lots of children’s sight. Honeyoung bag factory also export many silk printing pencil case, pencils, backpack every year.

  silk printing

2, Sublimation printing logo over your backpack or bags.

Sublimation printing means coloring the pigment molecules into the medium by heating.

Sublimation printing

This kind of printing is widely used by a large scale of printing over fabric which the customers’ logo has 4C or more and need large scale printing.


The advantage of this kind of printing is the effect very stable, Heat rise printers use heat to transfer pigment hidden in the ribbons inside the printer to the printing medium, and can control the proportion and intensity of color by adjusting the temperature of the semiconductor heating element. Because the temperature control can be very fine, so the thermal sublimation machine can reach 256 levels of gray, so that the three primary colors can be combined with each other to form a continuous level of color, so that the photo color is smooth transition. That kind of printing is mainly finished by machine so the cost of sublimation is lower than silk printing.


Honeyoung bag factory also do this kind of printing every year, we have our own machine and skilled workers, welcome send your design and we can OEM your logos.

 scale printing



3, Embroidery logo over your backpack or bags.

Embroidery is a general term for all kinds of decorative patterns embroidered on fabric by needle and thread.

Embroidery logo over your backpack

That was widely use by some high requirements customers for some simple design and small scale logos.


The advantage is that kind of logo looks more delicate, the color more stable and washable. And price higher than silk printing.


Honeyoung bag factory has long term experience about embroidery and will always give you professional about the printing of your logo. If you need to know more about backpacks, promotional bags, children's bags, computer bags and other bags, please contact us.So , contact Honeyoung and customized your logo soon !

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