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Do Chinese backpack factories produce high-quality backpacks?

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China is a big country that has countless backpack factories, indeed, a great number of inferior products with only a low quality are produced by many of them. But is that true that most Chinese backpack factories are not capable of producing high-quality backpacks? I guess the answer is quite clear.


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l Do Chinese backpack factories produce high-quality backpacks?

l Why could Chinese backpack factories produce high-quality backpacks?

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Do Chinese backpack factories produce high-quality backpacks?

Admittedly, Chinese backpack factories have been making inferior products for a long time, but this does not mean that Chinese backpack factories are not capable of making high-quality products, since the inferior product does not mean low-quality, maybe the product just not that luxurious or fancy. Another fact that Chinese backpack factories are producing high-quality backpacks is that fancy brands and even luxury brands such as the north face, are now choosing factories in China to produce their premium backpacks, and there are no complaints concerning the country of origin of those “made in china” luxurious backpacks.

Why could Chinese backpack factories produce high-quality backpacks?

So, why could Chinese backpack factories be so good at making high-quality backpacks? As most people have known, they tend to make inferior products in the old days. Well, I could only say things just changed a lot nowadays, China of today is totally different from the China of the old days. Now, China has the world’s best supply chain, the best industrial infrastructure, and a quite reasonable labor price, all of these factors above make China the best place in the world to produce soft goods. Chinese backpack factories tend to gather in certain districts, especially when those industries have cooperative relationship and complementary relationships. This interesting fact can enable clients from overseas to use every imaginable component of any size and color to design their own backpack product. Because backpack factories can make them all have their cooperative relationship. The concentration of soft commodities allows companies to draw inspiration from the vast ecosystem of factories and suppliers. These Chinese factories have more opportunities in the production cycle than any American factory. Southern China also has a good transportation infrastructure, which can easily reach the shipping ports of Shenzhen and Hong Kong and can quickly reach other East Asian suppliers. Maybe there are still many people who think that "Made in China" means low quality. But this only happens when the companies who design this product do not shoulder themselves with their own responsibility, they may just choose an inferior factory to cut their cost. As I have said, Chinese factories are fully capable of producing high-quality products.


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